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Western Red Cedar Windows & Doors

Warm rustic charm. Lasting durability. Unique texture.

Experience the beauty of natural timber

Western Red Cedar is a popular timber frame used in residential and commercial settings where strength, beauty, and character is vital to a strong visual impact and lasting performance.

Available in a range of designer colours, from deep red and brown to golden honey, choosing a cedar that complements your personal taste and architectural style is easier than you think. Also, the natural grooves and curves of the wood grain add warm, rustic charm to any interior space – a benefit that only Western Red Cedar delivers.

Featuring natural resistance to insect damage, moisture and decay, your cedar will last for a long time with virtually zero maintenance. For extra protection, we also apply a clear water repellent treatment to the cedar, which helps prevent water ingress in the surface and end-grain.

The Advantages

Western Red Cedar can be used in any type of door or window. From hinged and sliding doors to bay, awning, double hung, bi-folding, and louvre windows. Cedar can even be used for internal or external applications.
Rich, fragrant, and majestic. Cedar is renowned for its natural beauty and inviting character, making it the perfect choice for the home or business wanting to impress.
Cedar is naturally resistant to insect damage, moisture, and warping. This means you can relax knowing that your frame is built to last. With a bit of tender care, your frame will look stunning and last for ages.
Thanks to the natural durability of cedar, it gladly accepts most stains and polishes, enabling you to let your creativity run wild. Whether you need to renovate a traditional or modern space, freedom of design is yours with cedar.

Our services

When you place an order with Nuview, you will enjoy a high level of creative freedom and self-expression. That’s because we take the time to listen to you, take measurements, and help you choose the right product. This way, you get all the information you need to make an informed choice, giving you the confidence to place your trust in us.

Why Choose NUVIEW

By following the highest industry standards and sourcing our materials from only the most trusted suppliers, you are guaranteed the highest quality products that are built to last.

Our standard finish comes with a clear, water repellent treatment that is designed to prevent water ingress. While our optional finish has a water-based, opaque acrylic primer, which serves as a protecting coating to be used prior to painting.
Every aspect of your Western Red Cedar product is custom-made for you. From the dimensions and thicknesses, through to the colour and treatment. Whether you are renovating a traditional or modern space, you will receive the right solution for you.

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