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Double Hung Windows

A classic design with a modern twist

Superior ventilation. Easy to use. Extremely stylish.

Double hung windows offer you the highest level of ventilation and airflow, while enabling you to enjoy the view and let in plenty of sunlight.

Comprised of two individual frames – one on top, one on bottom – you can slide each frame up and down, independently of one another. This means you can either have the top or bottom sash open. Or both to circulate air around the room. With this configuration, you’ll bring the cool in through the bottom sash, while allowing hot air to escape through the top sash.

With a simple to use lock and click mechanism, adjusting the frame position is easy. Simply unlock it to freely slide the frame. And then lock it back in place once you’ve achieved the desired position. Easy!

Extremely stylish and contemporary in design, double hung windows combine classic design sensibilities with a modern twist. This means you enjoy the best of both worlds: A timeless look that blends in with any architectural style.

Double Hung Windows

The Advantages

With a set of double hung windows you enjoy:

Our services

Our double hung windows are custom-made to reflect your needs, budget, and architectural layout. You can install them as a standalone fixture. Or include them as part of a larger setup – like a series of bay, hinged, or sliding windows. You can also add optional extras like glazing for enhanced comfort and energy-efficiency, and security screens to keep pests and intruders away. After all, they’re not just any windows – they’re your windows!

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Renovating can be stressful. We make it easy by guiding you through it all. We listen to your ideas, measure the space, fine-tune your order, and install it for you. You will be amazed at just how easy the journey will be.
Whether you need a fast, cost-effective solution or something a bit more unique, you’re in the right place. You have the freedom to customise as little or as much of your order as you wish. This way, you get exactly what you want, at a price you can afford.
Our installation service is second-to-none. Your order will arrive on time, in perfect condition. The team will work promptly and efficiently to install it for you. And they’ll make sure it’s done safely, correctly, and in line with relevant Australian Standards.

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