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Glazing Options

Clear Float Glass

is the most common method of 6mm (float) glass production in the world today. As the name implies, it’s transparent and colourless, offering high visible light transmittance. It therefore offers little resistance to solar heat and glare. Nuview uses a standard 6mm clear float glass in all of our windows which is above industry standard of 3mm.

Toned Float Glass

can work wonders with the way your home looks and feels.It is designed to reduce glare and increase comfort levels and style. Available in grey, bronze, and green.

Low E Float Glass

commonly used as single glazing or double glazing, it is a low reflective and highly transparent glass. Specially designed to reduce heat transfer in both warmer and cooler climates and thus reduce energy costs.

Laminated Glass (Safety Glass)

consists of two or more sheets of glass bonded together with a flexible interlayer. The safety properties are achieved by the interlayer which prevents the glass from disintegrating when broken. By using a toned interlayer or solar control glass, laminated glass can reduce solar heat and improve safety in one. Laminated Glass also helps with noise reduction. Nuview uses 6.38mm laminated safety glass in all our doors.

Toughened Glass (Safety Glass)

offers a complete and proven solution whenever the benefits of ordinary glass need to be combined with safety, strength and resistance to thermal stress. It has 4 to 5 times more strength than ordinary glass float glass. Glass can break however if this happens it shatters into small fragments, minimizing the risk of injury caused by glass splinters.

Double Glazing

the window is formed by two panes of glass spaced several millimeters apart. This arrangement, when sealed, traps air in between the panes thereby forming an insulating layer helps to maintain a consistent temperature in winter months by several mechanisms. Insulating glass reduces the loss of heat through the windows.

Security Glass (LamGuard 6.52mm)

your home does not need to look like a fortress to be secure. Security glass resists penetration; a clear vinyl interlayer invisibly sandwiched between the two sheets of glass gives laminated glass its superior performance. Because it stretches and absorbs impact, this interlayer can only be penetrated after repeated blows to create a hole through which an intruder could put their arm without risking injury.

Low E laminated Glass

a high performance glass that provides greater comfort all year round. A special Low E coating offers you high level of thermal insulation and reduced solar transmission. In winter, it keeps over a third more heat inside then standard glass and in summer, it works to the other way, to halve the sun’s direct heat entering through your windows. It also reduces fading in furniture, curtains, etc caused by ultra-violet light. Available in 6.38mm, 8.38mm and 10.38mm laminate.

Secondary Glazing (Noise Reduction)

noise reduction refers to the amount of sound which is removed as it passes through a window or wall. To achieve the best result consider secondary glazing. An air gap of at least 100mm is required and this is achieved by the installation of a secondary window. It is recommended that one of the windows be glazed with 10mm glass ideal. Other options – Single Glaze, Laminated, Double Glazed.

Self-Cleaning Glass

this is designed for external application where it is freely exposed to UV light and rain as it uses nature’s forces to activate the special highly durable self cleaning properties. Its unique dual action uses the forces of natural ultraviolet light and rain to help keep the glass free from organic dirt. Features include saving time and money not having to carry out a tiresome chore, safety: no need to climb ladders or access awkward and unsafe areas, environment: reduces the need to use detergent or cleaners, and reduces UV radiation, fading and noise. Also good for noise reduction.

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