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New Bay Windows for Hornsby

Discover the beauty and expansiveness of this timeless window design

Add some extra natural light and ventilation to your home – while you enjoy a wider panoramic view of your surroundings – with stylish, modern, and versatile bay windows in Hornby.

What are the benefits of bay windows?

Great for lighting up any room in the house, be it a living room, bedroom or private study, bay windows are one of the most versatile window types.

Made up of three or more separate panels – one in the middle, and a minimum of one on each side – bay windows come in a range of configurations. You can mix-and-match them with different types of framing, window glazing and security screens, with your choice of hinged, sliding, casement, and bi-folding configurations.

Aside from being incredibly versatile, bay windows can help enhance the resale value of your home. The unique curvature of the design is an eye-catching look that few other window types can match. As a result, your home will have a greater chance of standing out on the property market, and attracting more potential buyers.

How are bay windows made?

Bay windows are comprised of a main window in the middle, combined with a minimum of two adjacent windows (one on each side).

These adjacent windows typically face at an angle, with each window facing inwards, creating a sort of ‘semi-hexagonal’ shape to this part of the house. This ‘radius’ or ‘curved’ effect is one of the most appealing aspects of bay windows, as virtually no other type of window can replicate this look.

Of course, you can add more than just three windows, depending on your budget, sense of style, and preference for natural light.

Where can you place bay windows?

You can install bay windows in Hornsby fora range of areas around the home. These include the kitchen and main living areas through to individual bedrooms, private study rooms, and extra guestrooms. You can even install them as windows for your kitchen countertops, giving you a gorgeous view of outside while you cook up a storm.

Regardless of where you plan to have one, a professional installation service from Nuview will ensure that your bay window is installed safely, correctly, and in accordance with Australian Standards. Our fully qualified tradespeople will help you choose the perfect design, take measurements, supply the necessary materials, and install it for you. You’ll be impressed by the speed and efficiency of their service.

Why choose Nuview?

Whether you are replacing your existing windows, or installing a new set from scratch, Nuview can provide the perfect set of bay windows in Hornsby for you. For a free price estimate, contact us.

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